Mesana Tech is a Spanish company founded in April 2003 and which operates in the world of telecommunications , Internet and social media video marketing services , or web tv online tv and commercial .

We currently offer a set of services focused on enhancing the brand of our clients through #make a video and make video marketing and #socialmedia, to have new forms of communication through tools such as #webtv, #tvonline and help services sell more services through commercial products and / or technology services , these are:

  •     Videomarketing: we can make a corporate video, position it and report it , pure social media. More info HERE.
  •     TV Online / Web TV: Creating Customers for our own full communication channel starting with the online tv web tv also called. More info HERE.
  •     We are your new seller: making trade work focused on the sale of services and / or technological products of our customers, further including making a video of each of them. We help you sell more. More info HERE.

We work to:

  •     Enhance your brand: make your corporate video, working in videomarketing and social media.
  •     Disclose your products and / or services: also with web tv or tv online and videomarketing services.
  •     Pursing new dissemination channels: such your own web TV and making social media for you.
  •     Help you sell: business of your products and / or technology services to help you sell more.

If you consider any of these services may be of interest to your business, do not hesitate to CONTACT US NOW WITH THE NEXT FORM. Thank you.

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